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Frisktorp Sessions 2014

Once a coincidence, twice a tradition. Just like last year the band spent a weekend jamming and writing new material out at Sven’s summer house in Frisktorp. Hear our brand new version of the song ”Change” in the video above. We’re fortunate to be able to arrange our own little band camp each year. Sven’s idyllic summer house in Frisktorp outside of Stockholm serves us peace and inspiration for new songs. And sheep, of course. This is actually where it all began a couple of years back. The band, then called Common Ground, arranged it’s own little festival and put together a few songs......

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Live on Swedish radio

“Online dating led to love at first sight” – on how the band was formed by four friends who advertised online for two more members. Sveriges Radio, March 2014 How do you fit six musicians, two hosts and a photographer in a radio studio? We’re actually not sure how, but somehow we managed this morning and had a great time. Common Ground Every Million Miles was invited to perform two songs live on Swedish radio P4 Stockholm on Wednesday. Hear the songs and interview (in Swedish) here....

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