Urban Deli Social Club

August 16, 2013 At Af Chapman

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Date: August 16, 2013
Location: Af Chapman
Address: Flaggmansvägen 8 - Stockholm

Big thanks to everyone who made it to our show at Af Chapman. It was a magical setting, perfect weather, nice city views and an outstanding audience. We recieved some cool pictures from our fans. The one above was taken by Emma Andersson and the ones below by Lena-Maria Doss and Andreas Lundegård.


1. Sleepwalk
2. Find You A Better Place
3. Slow Burning Down
4. Better
5. If You Call I Will Come
6. In the Morning
7. Fade Away
8. The Streets are Calling
9. Down on my Knees
10. Too Afraid
11. Forgive Me
12. Killing the Start
13. The One
14. This is


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