Once a coincidence, twice a tradition. Just like last year the band spent a weekend jamming and writing new material out at Sven’s summer house in Frisktorp. Hear our brand new version of the song ”Change” in the video above.

We’re fortunate to be able to arrange our own little band camp each year. Sven’s idyllic summer house in Frisktorp outside of Stockholm serves us peace and inspiration for new songs. And sheep, of course. This is actually where it all began a couple of years back. The band, then called Common Ground, arranged it’s own little festival and put together a few songs for the occasion.

The band camp has now become a tradition, and like last year, we’ve documented some of our work there in a video. The song ”Change” has been around for a while, this weekend we re-arranged it and added new parts. This revived version of ”Change” might be considered a candidate for our next album.

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