It’s been five years since last time. Every Million Miles released its new EP today, titled “Forgotten”, following “This Is” from 2012. The EP contains six songs and is available anywhere you can stream or buy music.

Among the songs are the single “Killing the Start”. Written in 2010, bass player Andreas Rolfer Wrangö claims a demo of the song to be one of the main resons for him joining the band in 2011.

  1. Killing the Start Every Million Miles 3:15
  2. Sleepwalk Every Million Miles 3:48
  3. Too Afraid Every Million Miles 3:52
  4. Forgive Me Every Million Miles 3:36
  5. Slow Burning Down Every Million Miles 2:54
  6. Forgotten Every Million Miles 4:02

Don’t be afraid cause nothing’s ever true
I keep on keeping on and so should you

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