A call for action against plastic pollution

Plastic pollution in the oceans may be greatest environmental problem of our time. Today, on World Environment Day, Every Million Miles releases a new video to build awareness on problems with littering, in collaboration with the Keep Sweden Tidy foundation.

“The song is about the sense of freedom and presence that you get from being down by the shore. If future generations are to be able to have the same experience, we need to stop destroying our oceans with plastic litter,” says Andreas Rolfer Wrangö, who directed the video and plays bass in the band.

On 5 Juni the Swedish indie rock band Every Million Miles releases the video and single “Down By The Shore”. The video focuses on the problems with littering and invites everyone who listens to the music to take action and join the fight against plastic pollution.

The video has been sponsored by the Keep Sweden Tidy foundation, which contributed with footage from their litter picking campaigns that enroll over half a million Swedes every year. The foundation’s vision is that no one litters.

“Cigarette butts, straws and coffee cups are examples of plastic items that are only used once, yet remain more than a lifetime at sea. That’s an enormous waste of resources and the plastic is killing our seas. We can all contribute to a cleaner sea by thinking extra about not littering,” says Rolfer Wrangö.

Later this year, Every Million Miles will release it’s debut album named “Release Me”, where the song “Down by the Shore” is featured.

Down by the Shore by Every Million Miles
Play the video

Directed and edited by: Andreas Rolfer Wrangö

Photo by: Gustav Gerdes and Niclas Loom

A special thanks to Petri Tuulik and Georgios Vamvatsicos for helping out during the shoot.

Play Down by the Shore here


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