1. Killing the Start Every Million Miles 3:15


Just a movie and then coffee on the corner
A time to feel like we belong
Just a dinner with a light conversation
A time to feel like nothing’s wrong

A walk in a park and oh, expectations
A time to hope for something more
Just a dream there’s something better
A time to come up off the floor

This could be beautiful, if we play it smart
But you’re killing the start when you start to pull us apart

Just a moment of perfect understanding
There’s no need for the games we play
Just a moment of sweet clarity
I wish that you could stay

Written, recorded and produced by Every Million Miles
Mixing and mastering:  Tona Ljudproduktion

Killing the Start

Artist : Every Million Miles
Title : Killing the Start
Release Date : October 13, 2017
Label : Amuse