1. Killing the Start Every Million Miles 3:15
  2. Sleepwalk Every Million Miles 3:48
  3. Too Afraid Every Million Miles 3:52
  4. Forgive Me Every Million Miles 3:36
  5. Slow Burning Down Every Million Miles 2:54
  6. Forgotten Every Million Miles 4:02


Killing the Start

Just a movie and then coffee on the corner
A time to feel like we belong
Just a dinner with a light conversation
A time to feel like nothing’s wrong

A walk in a park and oh, expectations
A time to hope for something more
Just a dream there’s something better
A time to come up off the floor

This could be beautiful, if we play it smart
But you’re killing the start when you start to pull us apart

Just a moment of perfect understanding
There’s no need for the games we play
Just a moment of sweet clarity
I wish that you could stay


When you talk you talk to fast
Always talking ‘bout the past
I can’t do this anymore

When you try you try too hard
Never letting down your guard
I can’t do this anymore

When you go you leave your heart
Always say you fall apart
I can’t do this anymore

When you lie you lie so bad
Telling tales of what we had
I can’t do this anymore

I’m on a sleepwalk
I can’t find my way out of it
You try to sweet talk
Try to talk your way out of it

When you talk I try to hear
Something new or something clear
I can’t do this anymore

When you lie down by my side
Always something you try to hide
I can’t do this anymore

Too Afraid

When you’re sky is cloudy gray
And you cannot break away
He’s not the one to save your precious soul
She’s not the one to hear your desperate call

I see that you here and it’s clear
What you fear
You’re too afraid

There’s sometimes lightning in the air
A sound of thunder, a solar flare
Don’t be afraid cause nothing’s ever true
I keep on keeping on and so should you

Forgive Me

I’m sorry for the harsh words
That I said to you
I’m sorry for running
But i don’t know what to do

I’m sorry for all the times
I did not support
I was just all up in myself
Coming up too short

Please forgive me
for all that I’ve done
I will be waiting here
For you to come around

And the blood to my head
It’s not what you said at all

Forgive me for all the times
That I lied to you
Forgive me for leaving
But I don’t know what to do.

Slow Burning Down

Slow slow, let this fire grow
For the pure, heart that is yours
Here here, I am always here
To the core, if your’re really sure

Slow burning down,
Slowly to the ground

Blind blind, you are a blinding light
Your eyes, they will never cry
So try, to keep it together
I will burn, inside of you forever


Winter’s coming, what’s the point of doing anything?
Come on, say my name and I will let you in

Darkness’ coming, what’s the point of doing anything?
Come on, say my name and we can begin

Here we go

When you shine a light
On things forgotten

Written, recorded and produced by Every Million Miles
Mixing and mastering:  Tona Ljudproduktion


Artist : Every Million Miles
Title : Forgotten
Release Date : October 27, 2017
Label : Amuse