The search is over! Common Ground Every Million Miles is proud to welcome Michael Sjö to the band, as our new drummer. He will add energy, swing and a perfectly trimmed beard among other things.

If you think Pearl Jam has had a lot of different drummers, you’d better think again. While they’ve had five drummers in 24 years, Common Ground has seen just as many in only five years (not counting the times when Paul or Andreas have left their regular instruments to fill in on drums).

Common Ground Every Million Miles has been fortunate enough to play with some excellent musicians, among them Magnus Frid of Ruh, and Johan Salomonsson (Birgit Bidder, Southern Skyline, Jonatan Rolfer etc). And unlike Pearl Jam, we never had any problems with any of our drummers. It’s just that they’re so good, and therefore so sought after, that they couldn’t dedicate enough time to be permanent members of the band.

In the spring of 2013 we decided to find our Matt Cameron, to continue the Pearl Jam-references. And after many auditions we finally did find the right match. His name is Michael Sjö, and as you can see above, he’s stoked to be our newest family member. As are we.

This will be his corner of the rehearsal space:


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